10 Dessini Italy Cooking Set

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  • Eco-healthy and easy for clean
  • High class non-stick performance anti scratch
  • Bakelite handle resistant to high temperature
  • Fashionable type suit for all kitchens and family
  • Ceramic or Nonstick interior coating
  • Suitable for gas , infrared and induction cooker
  • Simple set but excellent performance with this Cookware Set 10 pcs Dessini Imperial Non Stick Die-Cast Aluminium.
  • Which comprises of 4 soup pot/ casserole & 1 deep frying pan provides an easily manage of food preparation.


Marble green / Marble red
Material : Ceramic Aluminium
Coating : Marble Ceramic

Plain Black
Material : Ceramic Aluminium
Coating : Ceramic

Dimension of box: 34 x 34 x 34cm


1 x 20cm casserole
1 x 24cm casserole
1 x 28cm casserole
1 x 32cm casserole
1 x 28cm deep fry pan
5 x Lid

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Pilih Warna & Jenis

PLAIN – black, MARBLE – soft purple, MARBLE – Maroon, MARBLE – pink, MARBLE – dark brown


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