5 Layer Stackable Food Cover HEXAGON

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FOOD STORAGE : Keep your leftovers as tasty as they did the day before you made them by vacuum sealing them with these stackable cover!

EASIER CLEAN UP: Not only does cover mean clean-up without having to transfer foods from one container to another, you’ll save the time you’d otherwise spend to wash multiple dishes & containers!

MADE FROM FRIENDLY-MATERIAL : Made with PP, it’s also easy to see what you’ve got stored so that less food goes to waste!

LIGHT WEIGHT & DURABLE : It is BPA free and perfectly safe for use for every person. notwithstanding children or elder people.

MULTI-LAYER : It consist of 5-layers and save space.

Size: 25 cm x 35 cm


  • Healthy PET raw materials are environmentally, friendly,resistant to pressure and wear,lurable and easy to clean.
  • Just put the food on the table and cover itwith a warm vegetable cover,The heat from the food quickly locks in the dish cover, Maintaining a high temperature stops the exchange of heat with the outside world.
  • After testing, in an environment with a room temperatureof 20 to 25 degreesEven after 30 minutes, the food has only dropped by 5 to 8 degrees,It still feels hot.
  • Prevent contamination of food by flies and dustIt also prevents the spread of bacteria.
  • For cooking, you can make a temporary sink, hollow out the drain,Food is easy to clean, multi-purpose, and versatileYour little assistant for washing vegetables and cooking. 6.Good toughness,not deformed after extrusion

Please be noted that customer need to accept some common manufactured error


✅  Cover lid and body may loosen shape in 5-10%
✅  Small scratches, color spot, mark ,dark spot.
ALSO FOR OTHERS CASE ,THERE ARE NO EXCHANGE for less than 10% small defect.

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